1The average number of full-time Santas employed per mall in 1999.
14Percentage of total 2002 sales for department stores (including leased departments) that took place in December. For jewelry stores, the percentage was 23 percent.
27Percentage of women who said they want travel as a gift (27 percent), a majority (67 percent) said they would be willing to buy it for themselves. Almost one-third (29 percent) of the women who selected travel as a top gift choice said they want a cruise, and one-quarter (26 percent) said they want a tour package. If women can't escape for a true vacation, a quick trip to the spa is a hot gift item for nearly half (44 percent) of the women who chose a getaway gift.
85Percentage of holiday plant sales (USD 220 million) represented by poinsettias. Poinsettias were first introduced into this country in 1828 by the U.S. ambassador to Mexico, Joel Poinsett.
971The value (in USD millions) of U.S. imports of Christmas tree ornaments from China between January and September 2003. China was the leading country of origin for such items. Similarly, China was the leading foreign source of artificial Christmas trees shipped to the United States ($93 million worth).
6The total percentage BankOne expects total retail sales to rise in November and December from a year earlier, cheered by tax cuts, union bonuses, and easy credit.
20Number (in USD billions) of cards, letters, and packages were sent via the US Poster Service last year. The holiday season is now the busiest time of the year for the USPS, causing them to hire nearly 40,000 temporary workers and put thousands of additional trucks, trains, and planes in service.
41Percentage of men who said they want electronics for holiday gifts, almost one-third (30 percent) said their top pick would be a flat-screen TV, 23 percent chose a new computer, and others (16 percent) said a digital camera is their gadget of choice.
466The amount (in USD millions) the nation’s Christmas tree farmers received from tree sales in 2002.
46,438Number of malls and shopping centers dotting the U.S. landscape in 2002, a total that has increased by almost 10,000 since 1990.
9The percentage of malls that are decorating for holidays other than Christmas.
22The percentage BizRate.com forcasts for online sales in Q4, the holiday quarter over last year (USD 18.35 billion vs. USD 15.04 billion).
69The percentage of malls that offered gift wrapping services in 2000.
820Value (in USD millions) of U.S. imports of stuffed toys (excluding dolls) from China between January and September 2003. China was the leading country of origin for toys, as well as for a number of other popular holiday gifts. These include electric trains ($58 million in exports to the United States over the period); puzzles ($34 million); roller skates ($57 million); sports footwear ($157 million); golf equipment ($32 million); and basketballs ($35 million). Canada was the leading supplier of ice skates ($15 million).
219,700Value of U.S. imports between January and September 2003 from Christmas Island, an Australian territory in the Pacific Ocean, south of Hawaii.
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